Probably the greatest band I’ve discovered in the last ten years were Oceansize. Yes, you read that correctly, I said were. After a twelve year long career during which they supported the likes of Scottish alt-rock legends Biffy Clyro, lent their sounds to the likes of UK phone network super-giant Orange and had a song chosen to accompany arguably the most heart-wrenching scene of American Drama The OC, it was a kick in the nuts to read the announcement of their demise.

Don't let their stern expressions deter you, they're really a bunch of sweethearts.

Don’t let their stern expressions deter you, they’re really a bunch of sweethearts.

Creating ambitious sound-scapes like no band before them, Oceansize weren’t afraid to take a long time to say something. For me their music reflects life in all its forms; busy, bustling and belligerent on one level, yet peaceful, passive and perfect on another. The complicated patterns life generates from day to day seem to be encapsulated in the cross rhythms, layered textures and soaring harmonies in the music which can turn on a dime from aggressively overdriven guitar lines to delicate, soft melodies that sooth.

Oceansize will always remain special to me because they hit home more than any other music I’ve ever heard. First listening to the opening guitar riff of Everyone Into Position made me drop the book I was reading and listen intently for the full run of the album. It also had this effect on many others.