This is the second part to my introductory blogs about the band Oceansize.

I recently played this live song Oceansize effort to a friend of mine:


“It sounds too much like Incubus, turn it off!” was his unenthused response. I can’t speak for the similarities with Incubus (another band I love deeply) but it’s a good example of how this sort of music isn’t for everybody. Oceansize, cover such a vast array of styles and sounds that it’s impossible to pin them down. Although with a little perseverance I know that everybody will find something in their back catalogue which they like.

And if you truly do struggle to find something you like then fear not, guitarists Mike Vennart and Gambler have risen from the ashes of the formidable five-piece and started a new project. British Theatre make a big sound for a duo and have so far released two EPs of melodic, atmospheric tunes with more of an emphasis on electronic sounds. Here they explain what they are trying to do in this new project.

British Theatre’s latest offering is an EP entitled ‘Dyed In The Wool Ghost.’ At once haunting and comforting, familiar yet eerily uncanny, it’s clear that whatever is next for the duo, it will be something like we’ve never heard before.