I want to take this time to introduce another one of my favourite UK bands. It’s worth saying at this point that a lot of the bands I’ll be talking about on this blog are actually ex-bands. It seems to be a fetish of mine that the bands I often fall for usually prove too … shall we say challenging for most listeners, and so rarely manage to carve much of a long-lasting career for themselves. It’s hard to say why.

Lots of the music which draws my attention is rhythmically adventurous – this makes it hard to dance to and so could account for the difficulty which these bands face when seeking air-time. The band I want to introduce today are no exception to this. Hailing from Surrey, Meet Me In St. Louis exploded into the world of British post-hardcore in 2005 touring extensively and quickly building up a passionate and loyal fan base.

Unfortunately, their life was short lived. But the band members continue on separately with the role of vocalist still open. Give the following track a listen and see if you think you’ve got what it takes or know anybody who does. Previous singer Tobias Hayes’ shoes are big voids to fill, but there must be somebody out there with feet big and hairy enough.