There are a number of reasons this band will always have a place close to my heart.

They take their name from the 1944 musical starring Judy Garland. For a band so often labeled as ‘post-hardcore’ this certainly seems like an odd choice. Particularly so when compared against the names of their contemporaneous bands such as Blakfish, Tubelord and Pulled Apart By Horses. And, continuing the moving picture influence, MMISL name each of their songs after lines taken from a huge variety of films. Jaws lends the line ‘The Torso has been severed mid thorax’ and from Team America: World Police comes ‘Right This Way, You Maverick Renegade.’ Instantly film lovers can connect with the band, but their apparent silliness when it comes to choosing titles in no way reflects the content of their music.

The music of MMISL is unlike any other band I know. It’s angular, sporadic, spontaneous and disjointed but overall completely cohesive. In places it’s melodic and soaring and in other places it’s completely chaotic. And yet, their adoring fans marked 24th September as ‘Meet Me In St Louis Day‘ – a celebration to remember the release of their first full-length album which was crowd funded. Even though their life was brief, MMISL will remain in the hearts of many adoring fans for a long time to come.