A band which recently came to my attention and I’ve been pummeling my ear-drums with ever since is CHON. Their name is a common acronym for the basic building blocks of life, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. And to be honest, pummeling perhaps isn’t the right word. My ear drums feel less like the victim of assault and more like the victim of magical and benevolent blessings given from a kindle forest witch right out of LOTR.

The guys in the band are super nice as can bee seen on their Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where they answered any and all questions from their fans. The band play a lot of angular music but it’s full of melody and personality. I recently bought their two EPs Woohoo! and Newborn Sun and can’t stop listening.

Their music is unique but technically hard. By that I mean the players in the band are accomplished musicians but, as I found out on their AMA, totally self-taught. When I learned guitar I simply found tabs from the Internet and learned the songs of my favourite band at the time which was Incubus. It’s such a good feeling see musicians making such accomplished music without any formal instruction or training whatsoever.

Their music sounds hard as fuck but I was happy to see that they can recreate it effortlessly live, as this video shows.