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You can really tell when a new band has brought something interesting to the table. Their newest “Burnt Offering” album has a mix of 70’s dark metal and afrofunk inspired horns as well as being… doom metal. Yeah it’s a little different but it’s a really interesting album concept and you have to appreciate bands that aren’t locked into one type of music.

Budos band ´the cover says it all

This is why it is so interesting as it draws on so many different genre’s and generations of music. It’s not as repetitive and one dimension as other doom metal bands. It would be nice to see them in a live venue to see how they play together in contrast to a traditional doom metal band or other heavy guitar influenced band because they use horns and other instruments as well. Overall a really interesting find and something to look for if you find yourself stuck in a music rut. The other three albums that the band has come up with are more sincerely afrofunk albums and so you will find less of the guitar heavy attitude on them. However if this band caught your eye due to the afrofunk then run over to check out those albums as well and check out some of their tunes on youtube if you get the chance.