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I’ve never felt comfortable pigeonholing Porcupine Tree into the genre of progressive rock. Their music has a distinct hard rock flourish that is extremely hard to ignore- one does not have to look much beyond Voyage 34 or Stupid Dream to realize that a lot of the bands stylisation is inspired by Pink Floyd.

Stupid Dream by Porcupine Tree

I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with me, but I think Porcupine Tree breaking the mold of their prog rock background is proof of just how much the band has grown since their beginning days. Before Stupid Dream came out, people were struggling to consider PT a prog-rock band. In some ways, Stupid Dream is probably the band’s most influential work, for it shaped their existence at that point of time and 13 years later, made them into the band they are today.

Fear of a Blank Planet went further down the experimental road they had started on in In Absentia, and to a large extent, in Deadwing. They have certainly voyaged into the realms of psychedelic rock, more than a lot of prog rock bands dared to, and it has paid off for them. I cannot wait to see just how revolutionary their sound feels in their new album.