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A lot of people have not heard of the Gentle Giant and they are certainly one of the most underappreciated prog rock bands of the 70s. Now, I can see a reason why this might be true. The Gentle Giant do not make music that would appeal to all. Their music has a rather eccentric quality that might not even appeal to the best prog rock fan sometimes. However, if you persevere, you might actually find some amazing songs from their discography.

John Weathers is the vocalist of the band, and he was the one I had the most difficulty loving. The Gentle Giant are one of my favourite bands now, but I still don’t think I’m a fan of the vocals. However, their music is extremely complicated and highly original. They are unlike any other bands of that decade, and this progressive nature of their music might have lent to their obscurity.

70's Gentle Giant

If you want to start listening to the Gentle Giant, do it slowly. You will have to listen to their songs multiple times to appreciate the nuances and the originality. They might seem rather raw and unfinished the first time you listen to them, but as I said, some surprising songs are waiting for you if you do persevere till the very end.