In my pursuit of music and musicians who evade the mainstream, I’ve been thinking about some of the drummers who keep beats for their bands. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the Beatles were certainly no obscure band, they were world famous, the Fab Four,  but I keep wondering if Ringo Starr actually made a difference to the band and if it wasn’t just a case of being at the right place when the band were looking for a drummer.

I know that Ringo influenced the way drummers hold their sticks so that these days most rock drummers played with a ‘matched’ grip now and not with the ‘traditional’ grip.

I’ve still got my doubts about Ringo Starr – I mean when legends like Buddy Rich say ‘Ringo Starr was adequate – no more than that ‘ and John Lennon said  ‘He’s not technically good, but I think Ringo’s drumming is underrated…’ then you begin to wonder about if he really was just one lucky drummer to be around at the right time for the Beatles.

One thing I have discovered though is that must have been something to his drumming because up and coming drummers at rehearsals are being instructed to ‘play it like Ringo’ so maybe he wasn’t just that smiley  happy-go-lucky guy who kept steady time for the most famous music band ever.