About Me

Hi there! 

I’m a 30 year old support worker living in the North East of England. I spend my free time voraciously devouring books and listening to and playing music. When I’m not wandering through the woods with my beautiful dog Taco, I enjoy seeking out alternative music that evades the mainstream. I love attending gigs and am always eager for new book and music recommendations.

On this blog I intend to share my thoughts and feelings about some of the books and music that has enhanced and enriched my life over the years. I will also write updates as new books and bands find their way to me. I’m always looking for something a little off centre and unusual so anything with strange rhythms, unusual structures, and unfamiliar is guaranteed to grab my attention.

I enjoy being challenged so anything that causes other people to sit back in disgust will usually keep my attention long after others have given up. I live at home with my flat mates who are all young professionals working here in Newcastle. We’re a bunch of teachers, dentists and support workers still enjoying our freedom and our friendships.

Hope you enjoy reading,



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